It all started with a napkin. An audacious dream that, as it took shape on paper, also took root in the hearts of Pastors Jeffery and Joanne Portmann. The dream: Not only to plant a church in South Hill, but to plant 5 campuses in 5 years. 

Today, four years later, newhope stands at the start of a new chapter. With four campuses across the Puget Sound, a new Spanish campus launching soon, and nearly 800 people from every generation who call newhope home, The 12615 Building is the next step in the journey of Presenting Hope and Developing people. 

As we look ahead we see a future ripe with possibility. We envision a place where the hurting find Hope, where the weary find rest, where the doubtful find truth and love, and where everyone is equipped to bring the love of Christ into their communities. 

Would you consider investing in the future of newhope as we say Hello Possible?

Below is a list of opportunities to invest in the mission of newhope, as well as the approximate costs to putting the finishing touches on the 12615 building.  

Main Gathering Space:  $60,000

  • Video Projection system

  • Audio & Lighting system upgrades

  • Online campus broadcast equipment

  • Sound absorption

  • IT infrastructure

newhope Kids and youth:  $30,000

  • newhope Kids check in & pager technology

  • Classroom furniture & technology

  • Elementary art

  • Youth hangout & game space

  • Mother's room furniture

Lobby & Café:  $20,000

  • Lobby furniture & décor

  • Connection & Guest Info center

  • Live Stream TV's

  • Values & Missionary walls

First Impressions:  $40,000

  • Landscaping

  • Parking lot resurfacing

  • Roadside sign repair

  • Patio buildout