Fall Groups - September 22nd-November 15th

Community Groups

We believe that we are created for community. In a busy culture like ours, it often takes an intentional effort to create space for friendships and faith to develop. Community Groups helps facilitate that space to do life and grow together.     

At newhope, Community Groups are our mission. Groups have the potential to be a less threatening and welcoming environment for us to invite neighbors, colleagues, and friends to because they take place in the midst of ordinary, everyday life settings. We meet in coffee shops, living rooms, and the YMCA to name a few. Whether we’re discussing the implications of following Jesus, collaborating to meet a need, or watching football together, the conversations and relationships in a group setting have the potential to put Jesus on someone’s radar. That is how groups create space for doing life together, AND doing life together on mission.

Annie Roberts
Community Groups Pastor

What you can expect at a Group:

  • Food (who doesn’t love to eat?!)

  • Fun

  • Encouragement

  • Prayer

  • A clear start and end time (most of our groups last 90 minutes)

What types of Community Groups are there?

  • Study: for those who want to grow together in their faith

  • Group Meal: for those who want to grow together around the table

  • Social: for those who want to grow together doing something fun

Community Group team

Community Groups Pastor - Annie Roberts | abailey@newhopech.com

South Hill Campus CG Director - Matt Boots | mboots@newhopech.com

South Kitsap Campus CG Director - Matt LaCombe | mlacombe@newhopech.com

Silverdale Campus CG Director - Josh Sperry | jsperry@newhopech.com

Espanol Campus CG Director - Victor Rivera | vrivera@newhopech.com

Community Groups Admin - Chantal Berg | cberg@newhopech.com

Community Group leaders are an integral part of how we live out our mission to present hope and develop people. We believe that the Church is meant to be a place where each person can thrive in healthy relationship with others as they grow in their faith in Jesus, and so we've created a pathway for people like you to discover their gifts, be developed, and then lead through Community Groups.

Opportunities to lead in Community Groups:

  • Host: a host opens their home or prepares a community space for the group and leads as a social connector.

  • Apprentice: an apprentice goes through a round of Community Groups assisting and leading with a CG leader. This allows each leader to catch the culture of how we approach groups and develop their group leadership skills while gaining feedback along the way.

  • Group Leader: a group leader leads and cares for their group while facilitating discussion around specific content or activity. They also develop an apprentice by providing feedback, encouragement, and opportunities for the apprentice to lead the group.

    * All hosts, apprentices and leaders go through a group leader training before each round of Community Groups.

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