John 13:13-14

Verse: “You call me Teacher and Lord and you are right, because that is what I am. And since I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you aught to wash each other’s feet.”

Insight: In a beautiful display, Jesus shows the disciples what it looks like to truly be great. Our society leans far away from this example. All of us can tend to think that the higher our position, the less dirty work we will have to do. Jesus tells us and shows us the opposite by washing twelve sets of what I am sure were very dirty feet. It doesn't matter what station we hold, how much money we make, or how many people we lead, Jesus exceeded them all and still chose to humble himself and serve.

Prayer: Jesus, thank you for not just telling us how to treat others but also showing us. Help us to remember in your kingdom we become great not by achievements, but by servanthood. I pray that you will show us ways that we can serve others around us by showing them what your love looks like. Amen.

Lacy Sperry