Isaiah 12:1-2

1 In that day you will sing: “I will praise you, O Lord! You were angry with me, but not any more. Now you comfort me. 2 See, God has come to save me. I will trust in him and not be afraid. The Lord God is my strength and my song; he has given me victory.” 

Insight - We studied the anger of God this last week in our Life in Color series. God does get angry when we fail to live up to the righteousness he has for us. In his anger he still loves and cares for us but wants better things for our lives. God is slow to anger and he does not stay angry with us long. He does not want to punish us in his anger, he wants what’s best for us. He is our salvation, our comfort, and our strength in our time of need.

Prayer - Jesus, thank you for not staying angry with me. So many times I have fallen short and yet you still forgive me. The Bible tells me that while I was at my worst you died for me. You truly want what’s best for me. Thank you for your love, mercy, and the sacrifice you made so that I could have a right relationship with God. Amen.