Micah 3:1-2a

1 I said, “Listen, you leaders of Israel! You are supposed to know right from wrong, but you are the very ones who hate good and love evil.

Insight - As Christ followers we have been given the word of God that is filled with directions on what is right and wrong, what is good and what is evil. We have to remember to not let culture dictate our outlook on life for us what is good and evil, and instead look to the truth of scripture which is timeless and applies even today. Our world tells us to “do what feels good,” to essentially be driven by our emotions, but your word makes it clear that what might feel good in the moment does not necessarily lead to the best things in our future and may lead to pain.

Prayer - Jesus, I want to let your word be a guide for my life and not my emotions. When our culture and the world we live in tells us to be guided by our emotions and what feels right, help me to seek your truth and the good things that you have for me. I know you have my best in mind.