John 12:3

“…and the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.”


The imagery of this passage is astounding to me. I can picture many of Jesus’ disciples sitting around a table with him, not thinking much about it, and then a woman that they recognize as ‘that one guy’s sister’ does this crazy act of pouring fully fragrant perfume upon their teacher. What is going on here? I cannot imagine that my thoughts would not be far from the thoughts of Judas when he suggested this expensive perfume should be used for something more important. Rather than affirming Judas’ suggestion of charity, Jesus gives the highest value to this woman’s act. To think as he spoke and as they all continued eating, “the fragrance of the perfume” still filled the house. I want my acts of sacrifice to be admirable not to someone like Judas, but to someone like Jesus. I hope that my worship to God would be so abundant, that an entire house could be filled with its fragrance.


Help us God to not to be distracted by what we ‘should’ be doing or what worship is ‘supposed’ to look like. As the fragrance of the woman’s perfume filled the house, so may the fragrance of Christ fill every room we enter as we continue to live sacrificially to our King.

Kirstie Weeks