John 7:52

“Look into it, and you will find that a prophet does not come out of Galilee.”


John 7 appears to be a tedious debate over whether or not Jesus could be the Messiah due to the fact that He does not appear to be from the right place. Through studying the early life of Jesus in Luke and Matthew, it can easily be seen how his lineage aligns with the prophecies of old, but why does that matter? Why are the religious leaders so concerned about where Jesus is from? For them, Jesus was not the Messiah they wanted—militant, feared by the Romans, legalistic. They were interested in any excuse to prove that this man who spoke of peace and love, could not possibly be the Messiah they were waiting for. Jesus often comes in a way that we do not expect. It is so easy to assume that having seen God act a certain way in the past or a certain way in other people’s lives, we ought to know how He will act in our current situations. This can be a dangerous thought road, we cannot pretend to be God and fully know His ways. I do not want to get caught up on unnecessary expectations like the men in this story as they replied “a prophet does not come out of Galilee.” The Lord longs to give us a flourishing life where He alone is the leader, without our comparison-driven route suggestions.


Have mercy on us God! Help us look to you as our only guide, protect us from trying to direct our own steps. We want to be followers of Christ, not followers of where we think Christ ‘should’ be leading us. We do not want to be distracted by our expectations, we want to fully focus on you and your Kingdom. Amen.

Kirstie Weeks