1 Samuel 3:1

In those days the word of the Lord was rare; there were not many visions.

Insight: Are we living in days of the word of the Lord being rare? Sometimes I wonder if there are prophets like Samuel who hear the Lord calling their name in the night as if someone were speaking to them from another room. As I pondered this, I felt the Spirit so kindly remind me that the word of the Lord is abundantly fruitful and always will be for those who have received the Holy Spirit. When Christ ascended into Heaven, He gave us the gift of the Spirit which speaks truth and is our daily guide. The Spirit is our constant friend, our comforter. The Spirit enables the word of the Lord to never be rare!

Prayer: Father God, help us to never forget the intimacy and knowledge we have through the power of the Spirit. Thank you God, that we do not need to rely on prophets and judges to bring us words from God because we are able to hear directly from you through the Holy Spirit. Give us more visions and more words that we might be ever aware of your presence.