Matthew 3:17

And there came a voice from heaven: this is my beloved son. I take delight in him.

Insight: As a child, the message about God that I heard and believed most in church was that he was just, and hated sin. This was probably not intentional on anyone's part, but I was left afraid of God, terrified of making a mistake and his love felt like a P.S. at the end of letter about how much he was disappointed in me. Have you ever felt like this? Today, take a moment to slowly read again the narrative of the baptism of Jesus, and consider the extravagant love of a God who came to be with us, so that we could be with him. He is a God who delights in his son, and he delights in me and he delights in you. You are infinitely loved by perfect Love.

Prayer: Jesus, when I am distracted by the busyness around me today, and caught in earning affection from you and others, remind me that I am already completely loved as I am. Have mercy on my heart which resists believing that your love to me unearned, help me to rest in you today. Amen.

Shannon J