1 Samuel 17:41-43

The Philistine came closer and closer to David, with the shield-bearer in front of him. When the Philistine looked and saw David he despised him because he was just a youth, healthy and handsome. He said to David “Am I a dog that you come against me with sticks?” Then he cursed David by his gods.

Insight In the story of David and Goliath I never find it hard to identify with David. I am quick to see my story relating to the quintessential underdog David. After all, there is always someone I can find who seems to have more power, more followers, and more money than I think necessary.  But here is a question, what if I did not assume that I am always ‘the David’? Today, I am asking asking God to reveal how I might be the Goliath in someone else’s life. Where have I allowed my greed and my inability to surrender to Christ to become a source of oppression in my neighbors life? Self examination is rarely comfortable, but it brings me to a place where I experience the extravagance of God’s love in a deep way, for then I see it’s the kind of love that has always loved and keeps loving me, even when I am the Goliath in the story.

Prayer Loving Christ, It is easy for me to see how I am wronged, but I am uncomfortable naming how I have been the source of oppression for others. Give me the courage to surrender what you invite me to surrender, and let me taste and see how real is your love and grace for me. Amen.

Shannon J