Psalm 34:5

Those who look to him are radiant with joy, their faces will never be ashamed.

Insight I admire the ease in which small children express their emotions. A delighted little one might squeal and laugh and move their whole body to express their joy. A disappointed child might scream and kick and weep and fall to the floor. In each case there is the feeling of a lack of self consciousness that seems to mark what we call maturing, and because of this they are unashamed of what they feel and how they express it. I wonder if this childlike honesty is the kind of joy and lack of shame this Psalmist is talking about in this verse. Today, if you are feeling the weight of shame, consider inviting God into your experience. His voice is love and he delights in you, and like a small child, you are free to unashamedly express exactly how you feel in his presence.

Prayer Jesus, thank you for the invitation to come as I am to you. Thank you that you are not embarrassed, bewildered, or ashamed of me, even when I am stuck and broken. Please help to believe how much you love me. Amen

Shannon J.