Mark 15:34

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”


For the first time in eternity theres is separation between God the father and God the son. This is the true weight of sin, a broken fellowship with God. This is the first time that Jesus does not refer to God as father. We get a glimpse of how damaging sin can be in our relationship with God. But the good news is this; the story continues…and Jesus has victory over sin. The power of sin is broken by the forgiveness that Jesus offers me and you. We not longer have to have a broken relationship with God, but we can come to Him as sons and daughters.


Jesus, thank you for taking on the sin of the whole world, so that one day I could be forgiven. Help me to understand the weight and destruction of sin, and the freedom of your love and mercy we now have. Help me to never take for granted what you did on that cross for me. Amen.