Judges 2:10

After Joshua’s generation died, another generation grew up who did not acknowledge the Lord or remember the mighty things he had done for Israel.

Insight: We are all liable to drift. All across the book of Judges, and throughout the history of Israel, we see this pattern repeating itself…

1) A generation sees God and worships Him.
2) Without intentionality, they drift away God..
3) A new generation comes that has no knowledge of God.
4) God acts, often painfully, to get their attention.

And the cycle repeats itself. Nurturing faith in yourself, and especially in the next generation, requires intentionality. We must do things that continually develop our faith, and invite younger people to join with us in the process.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I am so prone to drifting. Help me and all of us to hold fast to You as we fight off the drift. As we pursue You, Jesus, would You help us to intentionally invite other generations to join us as we remember what You done for us, as we worship, and as we chase after You. Thank You for being so good to us, Lord. Amen.