1 Cor 8:9

Verse: “Be careful, however, that the exercise of your rights does not become a stumbling block to the weak.”

Insight: As Americans, we are a free people, allowed to do whatever we want, whenever we want. As followers of Jesus, we are no longer slaves to sin, but to Christ himself. We are cautioned to be responsible with our knowledge of our fellow believers’ challenges. If we don’t consider their battle and go about life our own way, our behavior exploiting the struggle they face, we could cause them to stumble into sin. It’s not pious self-denial at play here; it’s sacrificial love for our fellow man.

Prayer: Lord Jesus: savior, healer, comforter, and friend. Guide us with wisdom in our choices, that they reflect your love. Strengthen us to encourage and support one another, especially in the places we struggle to gain freedom. Humble our hearts to set aside our wants, open our eyes to see the ways we can lift up, and the ways we may trip up, our fellow man, in Jesus’ name, amen.