Psalms 19: 1

The heavens proclaim the glory of God: The skies display his craftsmanship.


As I write this it is snowing outside. It is a swirling beautiful mess of white flakes surrounding the sky. As each snow flake falls it is different in shape and design. It is amazing to think that God would take the time to craft such small beautiful delicate flakes. Today was a reminder of the heavens and skies proclaiming God’s craftsmanship and glory. Today I am reminded that God is in the details and to always be ready to see his power at work in everything.


Dear Jesus, Thank you for the beautiful reminder of just how great and mighty and powerful you are. Help us to see your glory and craftsmanship in everything we see and do. Thank you for loving us and for this beautiful reminder of your power through some snow falling on our ground. Amen

Amy H.