Acts 28:1-6

Verse(s): Once safely on shore, we found out that the island was called Malta. The islanders showed us unusual kindness. They built a fire and welcomed us all because it was raining and cold. Paul gathered a pile of brushwood and, as he put it on the fire, a viper, driven out by the heat, fastened itself on his hand. When the islanders saw the snake hanging from his hand, they said to each other, “This man must be a murderer; for though he escaped from the sea, the goddess Justice has not allowed him to live.” But Paul shook the snake off into the fire and suffered no ill effects. The people expected him to swell up or suddenly fall dead; but after waiting a long time and seeing nothing unusual happen to him, they changed their minds and said he was a god.

Insight: On his way to stand trial in Rome, the ship Paul was on ran aground and broke apart. Everyone survived and once they got ashore something miraculous happened. Paul surviving the snake bite caused the people of Malta to want to worship him rather than God. He would have none of that. It can be easy for something amazing or even miraculous to happen and for us to want to take the credit. Only God is worthy of worship. There is one God and we’re not Him.

Prayer: Lord, please forgive us/me for any time that I have taken credit for something that only you could do. You alone are God. You alone are worthy of worship and praise. I stand in awe of you today and will point people to You not me. Amen.

Jeffery Portmann