Luke 24:21

“And we had hoped that He would be the One to liberate Israel”!

INSIGHT: Many hoped He (Jesus) would turn out to be the Messiah, although they did not yet understand that Messiah, son of Joseph, the “suffering Messiah”, would die for their sins. Ever after the disciples had seen the resurrected Jesus a number of times and been taught by Him for forty days, they expected Him to liberate Israel without delay. What expectations do we have of Jesus death and resurrection? Do you hope for things promised from the word or for things just in line with our “opinions” of God.

PRAYER: Father, send us revelation in keeping with Your Word by the power of Your Holy Spirit within us. Please dash my opinions and strengthen my resolve for the truth of Your Word. Thank You Lord that You truly are the One to truly “liberate Israel”. Amen

Charlie Goodman