Genesis 7:17

So the Lord says, “This will let you know that I am the Lord”; I will take the staff in My hand and strike the water in the river, and it will be turned into blood..

INSIGHT: “So the Lord says”. A powerful declarative statement often follows this phrase from God Himself. Moses is then delivering a direct communication from God, functioning as a prophet. When one sees this phrase in the Torah, one can expect to hear a earthshaking statement. The Hebrew word for “prophet”, Navi, means “one who brings forth God’s words, which is what Moses and Aaron do here. This is an example of the principle that a messenger has the authority of the one who sent him. We have the authority, in Jesus Name, to declare and act on what the Word has already revealed in us.

PRAYER: Father, I declare that all power and authority You have invested in the Name of Jesus. Thank You that You have given me authority in His Name. By faith in that Name and by the power of the Holy Spirit within me I walk complete.

Charlie Goodman