Hosea 3:1

The Lord said to me, “Go, show your love to your wife again, though she is loved by another man and is an adulteress. Love her as the Lord loves the Israelites, though they turn to other gods and love the sacred raisin cakes.”


The story of Hosea shows us the love that God had for His chosen people, the children of Israel, and for us, His children. In the midst of our unfaithfulness to Him (a result of our sin), He still pursues us, and longs to be with us. When we are unfaithful, He is ever faithful. When we are occupying our hearts with ‘things,’ He is calling us back to Him.


Forgive me Father, help me to hit reset. Help me to do my best to honor you with every decision and action. I want to understand, even more, the love that you have for me. Thank you for wanting me to be a part of your family.