Proverbs 22:24-25

Make no friendship with a man given to anger, nor go with a wrathful man, lest you learn his ways and entangle yourself in a snare.

Insight: We must be very careful who we become friends with because sooner or later we will become like them. This is not to say that we shouldn’t interact with others in need of the Gospel. Jesus is considered friend of sinners because He pursued them to show them the kingdom of God and to reveal Himself as their Messiah. We should also go and “dwell among them.” But to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth, not to attempt to fit in by behaving like them.

Prayer: Father, thank you for sending Your Son to show us how to be the light in this dark world. May your Holy Spirit guide me as you guided Paul in becoming “a Jew to win the Jews.” May my lifestyle become attractive and an example to those in need to turn away from their sins for your glory. In Your Name. Amen.