1 Samual 12:16

"Now stand here and see the great thing the Lord is about to do." 


I love the boldness and confidence of Samuel in this chapter. He didn't say, "watch and is if the Lord is about to do something great." He knew he would. He knew that the Lord was about to do something special. How did he know this? Because of God's track record and because Samuel had places his entire faith in God. What would it look like to claim this over today? "I wall stand see the great things the Lord is about to do." 


God, time and time again, we see you come through. You don't fail and you are never discouraged. Today, help us not just hope for you to do great things but know that you will. As that confidence lives in us today, let us walk with boldness knowing that our God is about to do great things and he is using us as his instrument of choice.