Mark 16:15

‘And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.’”

Insight: At newhope, we use the language of Presenting Hope. This simply means that Jesus is lord and we have the opportunity to present that hope to our friends, neighbors, teammates, classmates, and work associates. Preaching the good news, presenting hope, doesn’t need to look like standing on a table and bringing down fire. We present this hope by encouraging others, loving others before ourselves, inviting them to be in our community at church or community groups, or by simply smiling when others frown. 

Prayer: Jesus, help us to present hope in every opportunity that you place in front of us. Our world is broken and is in desperate need of our savior. Help us to present that hope by the way we speak, the way we smile, and the way that we care for people. As your Holy Spirit resides in us, give us the faith and boldness to let others know how good you are.