Psalms 36:7

“How precious is your unfailing love, O God! All humanity finds shelter in the shadow of your wings.”

Insight: Were you ever picked last for a team during recess? Yeah, me either. Being picked last stated the obvious to all those around. No one really wanted you on their team. Ouch! We see in this scripture that Jesus would choose you and I, every time. No matter how gifted you are or aren’t, fashionable, financially successful, etc, God says you are worthy of his love and he chooses you. Every time! 

Prayer: Jesus, the world has a way of making us feel insignificant and just not quite enough. I thank you that I find your unconditional love every time I come to you. Under your wings, the words of others and the expectations the world put on me seem very small. Help us today to be reminded of your love, and that you would choose us every time.