Mark 6:2-3

The next Sabbath he began teaching in the synagogue, and many who heard him were amazed. They asked, “Where did he get all this wisdom and the power to perform such miracles?” 3 Then they scoffed, “He’s just a carpenter, the son of Mary and the brother of James, Joseph,Judas, and Simon. And his sisters live right here among us.” They were deeply offended and refused to believe in him.

Insight - He is JUST a carpenter! We are so inclined at times to place labels on people, we only look on the outside and do not see the true identity of those around us. If Jesus had to navigate this with the people he was trying to serve , love and share the Good News with, then we can expect the same. We all will struggle with the "I am just a....." but knowing WHO you are and WHOSE you are will help you stay focused on your mission, just like Jesus!

Prayer -Jesus, at times I struggle with who I really am. My career, status , age or other labels seem to stick and define me. I want to be free to walk in my true identity today, just like you were not "just a carpenter" , I believe and confess that I am a child of God created with a purpose! Thank you for loving me and giving me new life. Amen.