Leviticus 26:44

“But despite all this, I will not utterly reject or despise them while they are in exile in the land of their enemies. I will not cancel my covenant with them by wiping them out, for I am the Lord their God."

INSIGHT: How amazing is God's love for His people? Even after describing ways the Israelites could be disobedient (and how they eventually were), God refuses to turn His back on them. While He still allows consequences for disobedience, His love for us and faithfulness to us becomes evident through grace: the favor of God which cannot be earned.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, thank you for taking our place in receiving God's wrath for our disobedience. Father, thank you that we have grace and forgiveness through the sacrifice of your son Jesus. Help us to use grace not as an excuse, but a pivot point in our lives to accept your just consequences and humble ourselves in the change. We praise your faithfulness, God, true to your word. May the surrender of our hearts to you be a sign for others to see your goodness, through the saving name of Jesus, Amen.

Danielle Lee