Psalm 138:6

Though the LORD is exalted, he looks kindly on the lowly…

Insight: God, the Creator of everything we see, smell, hear, and touch… The God who existed before time began, and the God who spoke light into existence with a word… The God who is exalted and deserving of the highest, greatest, loudest praise, looks kindly on little ol’ me. He’s not impressed by grandiose or pompous displays of affection–and surely even our grandest gestures would fall woefully short of what God, in fact, deserves. But rather God is most pleased when we simply come to Him Not pretending we have it all together… but approaching Him with honesty and humility. Even when we feel confused. Even when we have doubts. Even when we can barely muster the breath to pray, God is inviting us to come, just as we are and enjoy His goodness and love.

Prayer: Thank you Lord that though you deserve the finest, you are most pleased when I bring whatever I have, even when it doesn’t feel like much. I’m grateful that You care about me and love me just as I am. Amen.

Pastor Adam