Acts 5 :29

But Peter and the apostles replied, “We must obey God rather than any human authority.

Insight- Don’t get me wrong, laws are important and play a critical role in safe and thriving societies. But there are times where we as Christ followers must trust and obey God, even if it means having to disobey human authority. Most likely these opportunities to obey God rather than a man made law are infrequent to non existent in our day to day lives, however we must recognize the importance of not being intimidated any human authority as to having the “final” say. We also recognize that all authority has been established at God’s will and he invites us to submit and pray to them…but we must always obey God first.

Prayer- Jesus, today I pray for all authorities that you have established in my life, law enforcement, government leaders and even my employer! I ask you to give the wisdom and courage to lead well. I need you to help me with this, I ask you to have the humility to submit and the courage to obey you first! In your good name, Amen