Exodus 17:3, 5-6

"3 But tormented by thirst, they continued to argue with Moses. “Why did you bring us out of Egypt? Are you trying to kill us, our children, and our livestock with thirst?” 5 The Lord said to Moses, “Walk out in front of the people. Take your staff, the one you used when you struck the water of the Nile, and call some of the elders of Israel to join you. 6 I will stand before you on the rock at Mount Sinai. Strike the rock, and water will come gushing out. Then the people will be able to drink.” So Moses struck the rock as he was told, and water gushed out as the elders looked on."

Insight: We oftentimes find ourselves in difficult places as we follow God – places that seem easily accessible to discouragement, fear, and anxiety. Places that also require us to cry out to God and trust that He will provide help. Our fear and discouragement don’t scare or surprise God. He walked with Adam and Eve, He stayed faithful to Moses and the people of Israel as they wandered through the dessert, and he walks with us. He knows what we’re made of, and regardless of what our circumstances may seem like, He is and will always be faithful to provide what we really need.

Prayer: Jesus, when circumstances seem dire, and I lose heart or get discouraged, I know you still provide - it's who you are. Help me to trust you more today than I did yesterday. Thank you for your provision in my life!

Pastor Annie