Strategic Partnerships

newhope partners with organizations and families across the street (locally) and around the world (globally) who are sharing the good news of Jesus and investing in their communities. 

Across the Street (Locally)

Graham Women's Teen Challenge

The Teen Challenge Graham Women's Center is a non-profit faith-based program for women who are 18 years or older, whose lives are being destroyed by life-controlling problems. It may be drugs, alcohol, gang activity, destructive behavior or other negative life styles.

Teen Challenge is an international Christian program with a 50 year history of providing assistance, supporting and challenging people to make the right choices by turning away from their destructive life styles. 

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Graham South Hill Food Bank

Located in the Holy Disciples Catholic Church side parking lot, the Graham South Hill food bank is just one of the seven fish food bans serving Pierce county. The food bank is run mostly by volunteers, and it provides food to low-income and homeless individuals in the area. 

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Mel Korum YMCA

The YMCA exists to put Christian principles into practice through programs to build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. To volunteer, Click Here.

Edgerton Elementary

We have a strategic partnership with Edgerton Elementary. Edgerton is always looking for more people to volunteer. If you are interested, Click Here. 

Around the World (Globally)

Jamie and Berly Bello - Dominican Republic

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Jamie and Berly are “Changing a Culture through a Generation.” The Bellos provide opportunities for teens and university students to find hope, purpose, and empowerment to BE the difference — becoming true catalysts for transformation in their society. Their strategy of directing National Teen Ministries and Uconexion (Chi Alpha) University Ministries includes mentoring students and leaders, mobilizing students to action, modeling team leadership, and developing care strategies for community engagement, fighting for purity, and prevention of human trafficking.

Doug and Tasha Myers

The Myers served 8 years as missionaries to Swaziland, Africa. Their primary focus there was to support the efforts of the national church in developing ministry to children.

Currently the Myers serve the people of Ethiopia through identifying unreached peoples of Ethiopia and developing strategies for church planting among them.

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Waldemar and Rosemary Kowalski

The Kowalskis have served as pastors and educators in North America and around the world. In the Spring of 2013 they felt called to shift their focus from training students in the United States to relocating to Bandung, Indonesia. They are starting community meetings for English-speaking Indonesians where they can build relationships and share their faith. 

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Craig and Dana Matthison

Craig and Dana Matthison serve the people of Spain by developing local church leaders. 

Ryan and Angela McCullough

Ryan and Angela will be engaging cross cultural ministry, church planting, and working towards involving college students in  evangelism through the ENGAGE program. They have a heart to build relationships and serve the international community and unreached people groups in Europe. Ryan and Angela have worked in church planting and evangelism training among the unreached communities of Washington and Idaho. 

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Ben and Michelle Dunlap - Missionaries to Cameron

Michelle and I have been married for 13 years but our friendship is as old as we are. We both grew up in Kelso, WA and attended the same church, the same elementary school, Jr.High, High School and University! In the Fall of 2008, we sensed that God was opening the door for us to start our next move into missions. After prayer and a visit to other Central African nations we knew God was moving us to Cameron. Currently we live in the capital city of Yaounde and our primary ministry focus is on the discipling of Cermeronoonians and we envision reaching nearly 800 churches across the country with our discipleship model. 


Jeremy and Mary Jean Inman - Missionaries to Ethiopia

Joining missionaries Doug and Tasha Myers in Ethiopia to pan a church in the Urbanized capital of Ethiopia. Their heart is to reach English speaking, globalized leaders and influencers. As the Holy Spirit changes the hearts of Africa's leaders this will help bring about an increasingly redeemed and transformed country. 

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One Voice Student Missions

Brandon and Janelle are student missionaries with One Voice Student Missions. They believe that, "God is not done withe the High Schools of America." Along with many other people in One Voice they travel together to minister to campuses across the United States. 

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