Core Team

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Lead Pastor

Jeffery & Joanne Portmann

We moved to Puyallup in July of 2013 to begin the faith adventure of starting newhope church. We exist to present hope and develop people. High school sweethearts, we’ve been dating for over 30 years and have two sons Justus and Josiah. We love spending time with family and at the beach in Hawaii (Joanne was born there). Lifelong learners, Jeffery has a Doctorate of Ministry and Joanne is working on a PhD. in Education. Thai food is our favorite, travel, speaking, developing leaders, most sports, shave-ice, and a good movie pour life into us. :: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter  :: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Director of Operations

Jeremy Frisinger

I have my role at newhope because I’m the kind of person who actually enjoys numbers, spreadsheets, and lists. In my spare time, I root for the Seahawks and Mariners, as well as playing fantasy sports... which is glorious because it combines sports and numbers! My favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla, and I eat Peanut Butter Captain crunch everyday for breakfast even though I don’t like peanut butter. :: Facebook

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Creative Arts Pastor & Community Groups Pastor

Adam & Annie Roberts

We are convinced that the local church is God's plan to bring the hope of Jesus into our communities and we want to spend our lives in that pursuit.  Adam is passionate about using creativity to offer glimpses of the glory of God, and curating stories of redemption and hope. Annie has spent the last ten years developing and resourcing leaders and cares deeply about helping people find community while growing closer to Jesus. We have a daughter named Quinn and she's the raddest kid ever.  We love a good board game, prefer our peanut butter chunky, and can recite most of the "The Office" by heart. :: Facebook | Instagram :: Facebook | Instagram 


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Communications & Marketing Director

Emily Smith

Paul and I met in early 2011 while serving in a creative arts ministry and were married in December of 2014.  We enjoy spending time with their dog Brutus, exploring the PNW, playing video games together and watching SciFi movies.  I have been a volunteer for various creative arts ministries for over 10 years, and worked in ministry for almost 5. :: Facebook


South Hill Campus Team


Elementary Director

Sarah Boyer

I believe that helping kids understand that Jesus loves them, and encouraging them to love others is an incredibly important task. It is a privilege to serve in Elementary and be a part of what is happening at newhope.

Eric and I are high school sweethearts that have been married since 2006 and have three children, Noah, Grace and Micah, with another baby due summer 2018.

In my opinion, almost every activity is better while drinking a cup of coffee, and you can never have too many pairs of running shoes or flip flops.

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Early Childhood Director

Jill Thaut

Steve and I met at church 28 years ago and have been married 25 years.   We have three kids, Jake, Emily and Jonny.  Jake is pursuing a career as a firefighter. Emily is a Senior at Rogers High School, and Jonny (our bonus child) is a 6th grader at Woodland Elementary.  We love spending time with family ! Vacations and holidays are our favorite!  God has always placed children on my heart, and we as a family are excited to be part of newhope kids!

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Nursery Director

Marissa Budge

I love that I am one of the first people who gets to help teach  “our” kids about God and how great he is.  My husband John and I were married in June in 2011, we have 4 kids combined (Riley is 16, Logan 7, Anna 5, and Addie our foster to adopt baby is 4 months).  We are so happy to call newhope our second home.  I don’t normally share this, but I can touch my nose with my tongue…shhhh don’t tell anyone (my daughter Anna can as well).

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Host Team Director

Eddy Dizon

Often, when asked why I do what we do,  I answer with this... Because I love our community and desire to see people become the best version of themselves! 

My Bride and Gina and have been married 17 years this coming June and together we have the opportunity of raising the Fab 4. In my spare time, I enjoy hangin out with family and friends, Friday night movies, coaching sports of any kind and tinkering around with my 1978 FJ Cruiser! 

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast and I love going on vacation!  Ice cream is way overrated and the kids laugh at me because I am the worst at remembering words to songs! :: Facebook

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Hospitality Directors/Pastoral Care

Jeff & Mary Lincicum

We met in 1972 and were married in 1977.  Yes, we know that many of you were not even born then.  We have two grown children and two grandchildren that we take care of full time.  Grandkids either keep you young or make you old depending on the day.  God has blessed us greatly and our mission is to give those blessings back to others.


Rooted Director

Heidi Keeler

Both Justin and I have a passion for helping people grow in their understanding of who Jesus is and how he has created each of us to walk with him and live out the purposes he has created us for. That is why we love newhope church - it is all about those two things!

We have two young daughters, so there is constant energy, singing, dancing and activity going on in our house!

We love to travel, eat Thai food, remodel houses, & watch Fixer Upper! :: Facebook


Youth Pastors

Monica & James Bowsher

A friend told us about newhope. We went to the very first BBQ with no real intention of "planting" a new church. However, when we connected with the Portmanns, we fell in love with the vision of newhope and knew that God had called us to be part of the team. |


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Teaching Pastor

Les Welk

We met at Northwest University as college sweethearts and have been married since 1975. We have 3 grown kids and 7 grandchildren. We have a deep love and passion for the work of the local church and have spent most of our lives serving the church in one capacity or another. We spent 18 years at a large church in Seattle and served as the Network Leaders for the Northwest Ministry Network for 20 years. Currently, we are dedicated to the work of caring for leaders so they are strong to care for others.  We serve as pastoral counselors with Ministry Resources International. 

We are avid Mariners & Seahawks fans… Go Hawks!

South Kitsap Campus Team


South Kitsap Campus Pastor

Scott & Angela Fenton

When we felt called to plant a church in South Kitsap, we knew we did not want to do it alone! newhope's culture of multiplication "5in5" and a clear and compelling purpose to present Hope and develop people is what drew us to newhope! Married for 16 years to my wife Angela, we have two pretty cool kids, Elle 14yrs and Luke 12yrs. We also have two dogs  Moose and Millie whom we consider family as well. We are proudly Disneyland junkies and probably care way too much about the Seahawks and the Mariners. :: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


SK Creative Arts Lead

Brittany Waldbillg

Brittany and Nick met in 2014 and were married August 2016. They just welcomed their baby boy Milo into the world and couldn’t be happier to begin a family. They love the mission and heart of newhope and are thrilled to be a part of the team. Brittany is both a cat and dog person, and has always been a little afraid of the Easter Bunny.


newhope Español Campus Team

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newhope Español Campus Pastor

Victor & Sue Rivera

Married since 1987 while Victor served in the Marines (Victor was born in Puerto Rico and Sue in Honduras). We have three adult children and a grandson. Vacationing in the Caribbean is a must but we really enjoy staycations by hiking and exploring the northwest. Victor has a Masters in Ministry but has exercised his Bachelor in Computer Science for over 22 years. Suyapa (Sue) has a Bachelors in Nursing. She served the community while working in Public Health and currently as a certified Oncology Nurse Navigator. We have been serving for over 20 years in various ministries while dedicating many years reaching and developing the Hispanic community.

newhope español launching Spring 2018! :: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Silverdale Campus Team

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Silverdale Campus Pastor

Josh Sperry

We've have been married since 2006, and have four amazing kids - Josh, Layne, Norah, & Graham.  Our family loves Disneyland and road trips, and we love to cheer on the Seahawks (even BEFORE they won the Superbowl) and enjoy a good cup of coffee. 

We are so excited to be a part of what God is doing in Silverdale! :: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter