Groups launch the week of September 23 and conclude the week of November 11.


Dog Walking Group | Mondays @ 7pm | Nick Waldbillig | South Kitsap Regional Park (a.k.a. Jackson Park) | Kids welcome
Join fellow dog lovers as we walk Jackson park, build relationships with each other, and get outside and move a little.

Finding Your Rhythm  | Mondays @ 6:30pm | Ray & Sandy Jennings | 5551 Hillcrest Dr, Port Orchard, WA 98366 | Kids welcome
Discovering biblical truths for life application. One size does not fit all when approaching daily devotions. Discover and enjoy what best works for you!


newhope SK youth | Wednesdays @ 6:30pm | Matt LaCombe | newhope South Kitsap
Junior High and High School years are pivotal and exciting times for young people when they are making decisions on who they will be and what they want their lives to look like.  At newhope youth, we create avenues where students can know that they matter, that Jesus is crazy about them, and where they can party with other friends!

Talk Based Group | Wednesday @ 6pm | Scott & Angela Fenton | 1530 Babydoll Rd SE, Port Orchard, WA 98366 | Kids welcome
An opportunity to build some friendships, and go deeper into the weekend talks by discussing scripture, asking honest questions, and applying the Bible to our lives.


Mornings w/ Moms (Real Moms. Real Jesus) | Thursdays @ 10am | Shanelle LaCombe & Brittany Waldbillig | newhope SK | Kids welcome
Come join other moms at newhope SK as we walk through the book "Real Moms. Real Jesus" and spend time loving and encouraging each other through this journey of motherhood. Books will be provided.

Ohana Group | Every other Thursday @ 6pm | Isaac & Lehua Tandal | 4931 Onalaska Loop SE, Port Orchard, WA 98366 | Kids welcome
Ohana Group: Experience "Aloha" as we share food, fun, and fellowship. At Ohana group, you don't have to be this or that, you can just be... 


Men's Bible Study (The Gospels) | Fridays @ 8:15am | Scott Fenton | Coffee Oasis in Port Orchard | No kids, please 
The Bible is good food for our souls! This group will talk about the life of Jesus as told through the Gospels and investigate ways to apply the teachings of Jesus to our everyday lives.


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