Growth Tracks is one of the tools newhope offers to develop people.  We believe in people becoming the church, not just going to church.  In this four-week class, you will be equipped with key habits & disciplines to help you develop & strengthen your relationship with Jesus.  You will also discover that you are you for a reason – God has created you intentionally with a divine purpose and a call to serve those around you.

Growth Tracks happen every month in four consecutive Sundays, starting with 101 on the first Sunday of the month. It is best if you can start at 101 and work your way through the classes in order, but if you miss a week you can easily jump in & pick that class up the next month!

101 meets after our second gathering is over, at 12:00pm in the Multi-Purpose room.  Lunch & childcare is provided (registration is greatly appreciated for 101).  Classes 201-401 meet during the 9:00am gathering in the Multi-Purpose room, light snacks are provided.

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newhope 101 – WHO are we?  What is the vision & mission of newhope Church?  101 looks at what our core values & convictions are and is taught by our Lead Pastor.

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Develop 201 – WHAT are the key habits & disciplines that will develop my relationship with Jesus?  How do I put down spiritual roots that are strong & healthy? 201 dives into the essentials of following Jesus.

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Purpose 301  – HOW has God uniquely designed me?  How do my abilities, gifts & personality fit together in helping me fulfill my divine purpose?  301 will give you greater clarity about how your God-given personality & abilities work together to enable you to serve with intention & purpose.

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Team 401WHERE do I fit on the team?  Learn about various ministry teams at newhope and discover where your gifts, abilities and passions can be engaged.  401 will prepare you to step deeper into your purpose in serving the church and our community.

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For 201-401, all children can attend newhope kids classes that meet during Growth Tracks.