The Christmas Season at newhope

What do you wonder about? We all wonder about our future, our families, our jobs, eternity, and what will happen with our dreams. The Christmas season has a way of exaggerating our hopes in this life and also our concerns. During December, we would like to encourage each person to invite / reinvite Jesus into the middle of your wonder. As we invite Jesus back into our wonder, we will start to see that there is more to this world than what we are currently experiencing, we will find the beauty of the Christmas story and the loving pursuit of our Heavenly Father. We will open our eyes to imagination in our faith, and in a season that typically speeds up, we will slow down and see that there is a plan for our lives that reaches beyond the current season we are in. This Christmas season, we are inviting you to see your world differently and to realize that there is more beyond your current lens and circumstances. In the midst of your curiosity, worries, and questions, Jesus is waiting for you. 

Christmas Weekend at newhope

South Hill Campus

December 23rd: 8:30am | 10am | 11:30am
December 24th: 3pm | 4:30pm | 6:00pm

South Kitsap Campus

December 23rd: 8:30am | 10am | 11:30am
December 24th: 3:30pm | 5pm | 6:30pm

Español Campus

December 23rd: 2pm
December 24th: 3pm | 4:30pm | 6pm
Combining with South Hill Campus

Silverdale Campus

December 23rd: 9am | 10:30am
December 24th: 4:30pm | 6pm

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Christmas Sunday Funday Schedule

December 2nd: Let It Snow Sunday
December 9th: Ugly Sweater & Silly Socks Sunday
December 16th: Grinch Day
December 23rd: Christmas Cookie Decorating
December 24th: PJ Day

Every year across every newhope campus we do something that’s epic. We collectively invest in something called The Big Give. Over the next two months we are going to join together with hundreds of other people across newhope to give our resources to help people across the street and around the world.  We’ve done this since the beginning of newhope. IN FACT, we started it on our very 1st Birthday. Most people receive gifts on their birthday, but we chose to give them. It’s what we mean when we say that newhope is Arrows Out rather than Arrows In. We have so much resource, potential, money, time, and gifts and it’s our responsibility and privilege to leverage what’s in our hands for God’s glory. (How do you know if you’re rich? Simple. You have more than you need.) We Believe that the mission of newhope is both across the street and around the world – it’s local and global. Like any living thing our tendency is to consume rather than contribute and joining with hundreds of others to give away what we have helps fight against that tendency. And in the process we start to see what is feels like to live like Jesus.

Where we’re investing:

We have strategic partnerships with the YMCA, Woman’s Teen Challenge, Helping Hand House, Local Schools, The Graham/South Hill Food Bank, Bikers for Christ, Coffee Oasis, and more

We’ve helped launch 3 other newhope campuses (which has helped contribute to 130 people giving their lives to Christ!) and have given towards 6 other church plants and are in the process of a Makeover of our South Kitsap Campus

We currently support 1st responder ministry called Convoy of Hope that is the first in when a natural disaster hits anywhere in the world! They also have feeding centers around the world assisting orphans and the underprivileged. 

We partner with Rescue:Freedom that both rescues girls and boys out of sex trafficing and feeds and educates them which literally changes the trajectory of their lives and their future generations. Many of these kids are born in a slavery system and are endentured servants caught in the cycle of slavery until they are physically unable to perform their duties upon which time they are literally thrown out into the streets. 

We support 13 Career Missionaries monthly who serve around the world bringing the gospel to places like Indonesia, Ethiopia, Dominican Republic, Cameroon, and the Arab World through a ministry called Live Dead

We invite you to partner with newhope
as we are Arrows Out this season!